Keller Thoma Helps Establish A Grocery In The North

With a phone call from a respected entrepreneur client of the law firm, in early June, KELLER THOMA was called to assist with the establishment of a new retail grocery establishment in a northern Michigan resort town. The clients’ project required careful coordination and negotiation of efforts to bring it all together. In addition to the typical buy-sell purchase agreements, the effort entailed the coordination and collection of multiple parcels of commercial real estate; due diligence and inspections; organization of small business entities, either as Michigan corporations or limited liability companies, for ownership purposes; a franchise contract relationship; liquor license transfers with the State of Michigan; insurance coverage protections; and municipal building and zoning compliance. In time for the Labor Day holiday weekend this year, all transactions, licenses and permits were consummated and in place for a booming opening in a seasonal area that was previously without a grocery market for a 15 mile radius. The local citizens and city fathers greatly appreciate the investment made by the clients. The clients greatly appreciate the opportunity to expand their commitment to the northern Michigan community and broaden their business horizons. Similar business buy-and-sell projects are routinely handled by KELLER THOMA partner, Larry Powe.

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