Labor Law — Public Sector

Labor Law — Public Sect…

Collective Bargaining

Keller Thoma's Michigan labor attorneys have successfully negotiated thousands of collective bargaining agreements on behalf of employers. We have extensive experience in all phases of the collective bargaining process, including, among other things, contract analysis, strategy and tactics, and costing procedures, as well as successfully dealing with any labor disputes that may arise. Members of the firm have provided extensive training in collective bargaining for local, state and federal agencies and for local, state and national employer organizations.

Act 312 Interest Arbitration

Members of the firm have successfully represented public employers in hundreds of Act 312 arbitration proceedings. We have extensive experience in all phases of the process and are familiar with all Act 312 arbitrators and their arbitral decision-making.

Michigan Employment Relations Commission Proceedings

Our public sector labor law experience includes the complete range of matters which may arise before the Michigan Employment Relations Commission. These matters include the successful representation of employers in representation matters (employee status, unit determinations, employee eligibility and the determination of supervisory and executive status). We have successfully represented public employers in hundreds of alleged unfair labor practice charge matters, including cases involving alleged interference, alleged discrimination, alleged refusals to bargain and alleged unlawful unilateral action.

Advice, Counseling, and Training

The firm provides advice and counseling regarding all aspects of the employer-union relationship. Our lawyers can also provide training to management on all kinds of topics, such as handling grievance processing, remaining union free, effective communication with employees, and how to provide employee reviews. Or ask us to tailor a training that specifically fits your needs!


Each year, members of the firm successfully represent employers in hundreds of grievance arbitration matters. These grievance arbitration matters include the full range of grievances arising under collective bargaining agreements, from contract interpretation to discipline and discharge matters. This extensive experience has provided our attorneys with familiarity with all of the active arbitrators and insight into their arbitral decision-making.

Members of the firm have also provided extensive training in grievance processing and grievance arbitration for local, state and national employer associations.

We welcome you to contact Keller Thoma if we may be of assistance to you in a labor matter. Based in Southfield, Michigan, we work with employers in the Detroit area, throughout the state of Michigan, and in other neighboring states.