Michigan Legislature Passes Bill Requiring Separation Records for Law Enforcement Officers

On October 17, 2017, the Governor signed Public Act No. 128 known as the “Law Enforcement Officer Separation of Service Record Act,” requiring that former employing law enforcement agencies maintain records of the reasons for separation of a law enforcement officer. The officer has the right to review and appeal the records maintained. The officer has the right to provide a written statement relative to his/her reason for separating employment, and that statement must also be provided when his/her former employer’s separation documents are released.

A law enforcement officer seeking employment will be required to sign a standard waiver and provide the waiver to prospective employing agencies upon receipt of an employment offer. A prospective employing agency shall not hire an officer unless the agency receives the separation records.

This bill goes into effect on January 15, 2018. All clients who employ law enforcement officers will need to maintain adherence to this law.

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